The Five Obstructions

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I liked most of them but in different ways. I didn't like the Indian one, it seemed to exploit the people's poverty and taunt them. The Cuba one was the most matched to the perfect human I think, it was just a more ethnic version, which was more interesting I thought. I don't know why they hated animation so much, but that one was fun to watch as well. They could do a lot more with illustrating the words. The Belgium one worked, but I thought the prostitute was unneccessary. The last one tied them all up together nicely, it offered a great review on the director's personality as seen by his friend. I think the original was a good starting point, but it was too flat. The black and white was engaging, but I couldn't help but think the tone was slightly racist because all these "perfect humans" were white. I liked the diversity that came about because of the 5 obstructions. I thought that the obstructions worked well, they got the director to think outside the box and inspire him to make films he might not have otherwise made. I think that the art he created is special, it shows him overcoming these great obstacles like they were nothing and making good films. I would say that for future obstructions Leth must make a stop motion animation. Then he would really get frustrated. I think that the "Perfect Human" is really just traits that all humans exhibit in some form. These humans just represent what we look like in ideal form, and some general ways in which we act. I think that they get the message across in film, it would be harder to do in other media just because film captures life as we normally see it, and it makes the message clearer because we can relate it to daily life.

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