The Perfect Human

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My favorite version was the Cuba version because it was humorous. Also, it had the most obstructions but Jorgen worked with them all to make a very interesting film.
Although I enjoyed all of the different versions, my least favorite was the version in India. It was disturbing to watch Jorgen eat a fancy meal in a suit while there was so much poverty around him.
I think that the original is the best. It is the most simplistic and I prefer to watch something simple and "uncluttered."
The point of these obstructions could be because the original artist didn't want his work copied exactly. It was all right for Jorgen to use it as inspiration though. The obstructions were put in place so Jorgen had to produce his own film. The obstructions could also be for entertainment of the original artist and to push Jorgen to get really creative and help him create a great work of art.
The "Perfect Human" is an average person with two legs, two arms, one head, etc. They move in common ways and would not stand out in a crowd. I think the artist achieved the movement and looks of his version of the perfect human. I think that everyone has different thoughts on what a perfect human would be, so it is possible to portray one's thoughts on perfect humans i

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