Wednesday's Crit

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Things to think about for Wednesday's class:

Try not to use adjectives during the critique. (i.e. descriptive words we assume others can relate to) For example, what might be "creepy" or "fun" to you may not have the same associations to another.

Instead, try to say, "This was successful because..." and explain why you found it worked or didn't work.

Think about things we've been discussing throughout the semester such as sound, moving and still image, artists we've viewed and things you've liked or disliked about the way the work flows together and discuss your fellow classmates' work critically based on past assessments of previous work we've viewed and talked about in class.

Each student will be expected to comment on the other students being critiqued in class tomorrow, with constructive feedback regarding their final project.

For those being critiqued:

Bring at least three questions to the table.

Think about things you maybe wanted to do with the project or weren't sure about. Things you thought needed more work, different camera angles or themes you wanted to approach, or different sound you may have wanted to use.

You may also structure your critique in any way you like. You can have us discuss your work first and ask questions afterward, or present the questions first and have us talk after. Use your peer group to your advantage. You will each have 12 minutes per critique, so make it count!

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