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Audio Self Portrait

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The audio piece does not tell a very complex story, it just states that Alvin Lucier is sitting in a room, recording his voice, planning on make an example of it. It differs from visual work because it restricts what the audience is paying attention to. In this case, audio is the only thing that is important and the only thing that we are allowed to take in with our senses, so his voice is the only thing that we focus on. The listener is not distracted by unnecessary visual cues. The audio allows us to interpret the mood, rather than having visuals to do it for us. This piece made me feel very calm and relaxed, but a little tense when Lucier struggled with his studder.

3 minute audio

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Finally done!! Pretty sweet though....

final audio.mp3


P.S. Not sure why it suddenly became so said 3 minutes when I was making it.....

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