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New Schedule!

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There will only be one studio work day before the due date. Please plan your project accordingly.

Final Project

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[aw-tuh-bahy-og-ruh-fee, -bee-, aw-toh-] Show IPA
-noun, plural -phies.
a history of a person's life written or told by that person.

Create a video autobiography for yourself. The project should be 3-5 minutes. You may make a traditional narrative starting from birth to present day, or you may focus on one aspect of your life that you are extremely interested in and want to present from an historical point of view. The autobiography does not have to be traditionally narrative, it can also be experimental in nature. For this assignment you may not use pre-recorded music or sound. Think carefully about how the sound relates to you and your personal history.

The assignment will be due Wednesday December 15th, posted to Mediamill.

Keep editing the Western stand-offs you shot last week for Wednesday. We'll keep working in Final Cut, I'll check on your progress, as well as give a demo on more resources for shooting your final project.

Great job on your stop motion animations everyone! I can't wait to see your final projects!

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 3.58.47 PM.png

Directions to the Walker!

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The other three sections of 1601 will be meeting at the Walker a little before 6pm. Here is a link to the museum and directions.

Walker Art Center


From school you can also take the number 2 bus on the corner of 21st and Riverside right outside Jimmy John's at about 5:10 or the express number 113 at 5:35 from Willey to Franklin and Lyndale. Both will take you to Franklin and Lyndale, the express is just a little bit faster, and I prefer it myself!

Please meet in the Hennepin Avenue lobby a little before 6pm.

If you are unable to make it, please let me know ahead of time. I will provide you with a list of the films that are being shown, and links to them. Please provide a critical analysis of three of the films. By critical analysis I mean, what was your impression? How did they make you feel, good or bad? Why? What was the artist trying to do or say? What does the sound do to the piece? Does it enhance the piece, or take away from the visual? Why? If there is no sound, should there be? What do you think there should be and why?

Grading Scale

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I have added the grading scale to the syllabus. Here it is!

Fall 2010 ARTS 1601 Section 001 Experimental and Media Arts NEWEST.pdf

In conjunction with MCAD film instructor, Jon Thomas' class, all four sections of 1601 will be invited to a screening at the Walker Art Center on Monday November 1st.

We will not have class on this day, rather the film screening will be our class. If you cannot make the screening, a list of the films we watched will be provided to you to do a write-up to make up the class.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you cannot make it.

Syllabus Change!

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Hello all!

I've changed the schedule a bit. Our next assignment will be the sound assignment, rather than the animation assignment, as I stated at the beginning of class. I've done this so that you will be able to include sound in your animations. I'll explain more on Monday. Here it is again! Check back for more updates!

Have a great weekend!



Here is an updated schedule for class, as it is subject to change. I pushed up the due date for the Photoshop project, as I think you may need more time for the Animation project which is coming up in October.


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