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January 30, 2006

Poster by MariaH


First Things First

I think the manifesto addressed a lot of the issues I have worried about as I go into graphic design. I have struggled with how to explain to people what graphic design is without bringing up advertising or fashion magazines. I guess how I have gotten away from this is to focus more on identity packages for businesses, stationary, business cards, etc. To me this seems a bit more meaningful than advertising or package design. I guess what gets confusing though is that those things are fun to design too but I just don't get greater meaning from them. Is that necessary though?
I created my poster in three sections to break up the text into readable sections. I wanted the trees to bring out the idea of getting back to nature and environmental causes. I chose very bold, bright colors to add punch and grab the attention of viewers as well as to show the manifesto has strong feelings behind it.