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Question Game Design Brief

The challenge of this project was to take a wooden box and design the contents using eco-friendly materials. The contents did not have to promote green design themselves but had to be made using eco-friendly design and materials.
My creative process for this piece began with the brainstorming of several ideas for the contents of the box. After I decided to make the box into a question game for couples, I began sketching out ideas for how the game would play out and the design of the cards. I also took the time here to research the eco-friendly paper and paint I would be using for the final project. One main challenge for me was deciding how to use the least amount of printer ink as possible, since it was not eco-friendly.
My solution to this assignment was to use multiple colors of eco-friendly paper and labels to create visual interest rather than full color bleeds using harmful inks. I placed these labels with the questions on chocolate colored cards and used chalkboard paint on the inside of the cover for score keeping. I wanted to use the chalkboard instead of including a notepad for score keeping to limit the amount of waste the game would create during play.
The box includes three decks of question cards arranged by point value. Each deck is wrapped with paper that lists the point value and keeps the cards together. For score keeping there are two pieces of chalk to be used with the painted chalkboard on the inside of the cover. The outside of the box is painted using a salmon color that relates to the color of the highest scoring question cards. This is also repeated in the label on the outside of the box that includes the title of the game on the top and the directions on the bottom.
The green design features include the paper, labels, chalkboard and paint. The paper and labels are 30% pre-consumer waste and eliminate the need for colored ink and full colored bleeds. The chalkboard is used to prevent the use of paper for score keeping and the paint is eco-friendly milk paint in Salmon. The outside of the box is painted one solid color with the name of the game and directions on a removable sleeve. This is to allow the consumer to re-use the box for a wide range of items if they should ever want to use it for something other than the game.

Box – Wooden Pencil Box LG, UMD bookstore $7.51
Paper – Chocolate coverstock, Paper Source $3.50 / 10 sheets
Labels – White, Salmon, Butter, 2.5? round, Paper Source $5.20 / 60 labels
Paint – Milk Paint, Salmon, Green Merchantile $8.95 / 6oz