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Enger Tower

Maria, Kabao and I are documenting Enger Tower. We have decided to design a 12 foot tall piece of paper that we may roll into a scroll. It will have a charcoal drawing of the tower with photographs in each window of the views. We are also going to incorporate large cut outs of pictures we took of the spring buds and flowers. For text we are going to each write some descriptive words of how visiting the tower makes us feel. We will each hand write the words we came up with in charcoal pencil. Hopefully it will turn out as cool as it is in our heads right now!


You guys came up with a really good idea; I was jealous walking out of class on Wednesday seeing your full drawing on paper while we hadn't had anything done. Using a drawing of the tower is a nice way of mixing up drawings and photos; people will probably be able to tell that it's Enger tower so there's no need to photograph it. I'm wondering, though, where are you guys are going to display it to take a nice photograph? We're wondering how we're going to do it...

Our concept is sort of similar, but I think that it'll be different enough in the end.