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The Designer as Producer

The article I read by Victor Margolin touched on the ways the world of production is shifting towards entrepreneurs. He says this is shown by the rising ease of development of products with use of the internet and lower cost machinery. One main example of this he gives is the possibilities new typographers have to make their own fonts and sell them worldwide on the internet. He feels if more designers get involved in the production end of things, we could change the global market just as typographers have in their field. Through this, he feels we can focus more on social responsibility since it is easier for a small business to make these decisions rather than a large company where there are so many other variables such as shareholders and large competitors. Another point he makes is that we as designers can do more than challenge the system - we can create our own niches in the market. This allows product that otherwise may never have been produced and may fill a need in many lives. He ends by saying that design schools should take the initiative to have degrees in design entrepreneurship. This would enclude design classes as well as business classes to teach business plans, emerging niches in the market and monetary concerns.
Personally I felt this article was encouraging for someone like myself who hopes to be self-employed in the near future. It did, however, state many things I felt we quite obvious such as how the internet has helped support everyday people in starting their own businesses. His recommendation at the end for design schools to help students gain business knowledge is huge and I feel it would be a great success at any college.