April 18, 2006

Green Man Client Project

Although this project began as an assignment to deal with a client, it became in the end a chance to design a logo ourselves for the Green Man festival that will be taking place this summer in Duluth. When I began to design a logo on my own I kept in mind some words that Shannon had said about the green man going urban this year. This provoked me to stray away from the familiar leafy images of the green man in the past and focus on a more organic and abstract design. I of course decided to keep the green color to set the mood, but instead of leaves for hair I incorporated large swirls that i thought could refrence the wind, dreadlocks, or sound waves of music. I wanted to keep the facial features simple so they could be used at any size and recognizable from a distance. I got the idea for the large knobby nose and chin from some "green men" I took pictures of while I was on vacation in Idaho this spring break. Overall I am very pleased with how my logo turned out and how easy it was to work with when I put it in posters, t-shirts and buttons.

Green Man Festival Website

Green Man Images