May 11, 2006

Enger Tower Completion

We decided to stay with our original idea of a 12 foot tall charcoal drawing of Enger Tower. We have each window filled with a picture of what you would actually see if you looked out a window at that height. To document spring we printed out pictures of flowers and new buds on the same paper the tower is drawn on.
Maria, Kabao and I worked very well as a team together. I did the typography and printing of the flowers while Maria did the photographs of the windows. Kabao did the initial charcoal drawing of the tower and took the pictures of the flowers. In the end we all helped each other finish the project and worked on each area to speed up the process.
The main problem we had to overcome was finding a glue that worked with the paper we used. We finally ended up using crazy glue but if we had to do it over again we may have glued everything on before using any charcoal.
To create unity we carried the charcoal throughout the piece by circling the flowers and the pictures as well as using it for the text. We carried the color of the sky in the photographs through to the color of the charcoal sky. We aslo printed the flowers on the same paper as the background paper for the tower.
Our main element of surprise was the visual interest we created by the perspective of the tower from the outside and the views you see from the inside. The texture we created on the tower also gave a strong 3-D feel and added a lot of texture to the piece.
The incorporation of type, photography and illustration using the unifying elements of the charcoal outlines shows attention to detail. The charcoal has also been sprayed several times to prevent any smudging and the pictures have been fastened securely to the piece. Overall the piece is coherent and well crafted.

April 27, 2006

Enger Tower

Maria, Kabao and I are documenting Enger Tower. We have decided to design a 12 foot tall piece of paper that we may roll into a scroll. It will have a charcoal drawing of the tower with photographs in each window of the views. We are also going to incorporate large cut outs of pictures we took of the spring buds and flowers. For text we are going to each write some descriptive words of how visiting the tower makes us feel. We will each hand write the words we came up with in charcoal pencil. Hopefully it will turn out as cool as it is in our heads right now!