Week 1 assignment Cookies!


Alright so first off I have very limited experience with baking cookies. Because of that I came into this assignment not really knowing full well what the different properties of different dough are, so let the experimentation begin!

I started off by thinking of what typically comes to mind when I say cookie and how I could break some of those those expectations without destroying the essence of what it means to be a cookie (getting philosophical here). I started by wanting to destroy the "flatness" of the cookies. Cookies are always just lying there in that plain 2-d plane, so why not make the cookies a bit more 3-d? So I started off with a few ideas in my sketch book, most of which never came to a full realization because of how dough tends to expand and flatten in the oven and pieces are hard to "glue" together (if at all) with icing. However, using Pillsbury croissant dough I was able to get some 3d shapes, they weren't all going to be the same structured shape like I was hoping for but maybe that was a good thing?

Here they are before making their journey into the oven. Some are filled with jam beforehand and some are not.

3d cookie.jpg

Anyways my mom always has jam around the kitchen so we filled it with marmalade and a touch of spicy jalapeno jam. Then we topped off the cookies with a cherry to hide the surprising inner contents. My mom called them barnacle cookies. they look a bit like them don't they? Hopefully they taste better though.(Just a note, for some reason it appears putting the jam in the cookies before going into the oven seems to preserve the inner space of the cookies)

3d cherry.jpg

3d cherries.jpg

Here are the not so successful 3-d attempts. The second image is a caterpillar cookie idea that I had. Customers would order x amount of cookies and the more cookies they ordered the longer the caterpillar would become. Unfortunately I was stuck with all these cookies clueless as to how to make them stick together also rendering it impossible to decorate. On next image I have rings of dough, the idea here would be to tie the cookies with string and wear them on your wrist throughout the day. It could maybe work for an occasion like the state fair. The only issue is keeping in mind that the inner hole might get closed when expanding in the oven, and that if the day is hot your cookie might get sweaty, kinda nasty really.



For the above perhaps with more experience and a degree in chemical engineering for food one could pull off the caterpillar cookie.


In my next series of attempts I decided to experiment with different flavors. At this point I only had run-of-the-mill cookie dough and so when I tried making 3-d shapes like I did with the other dough a few days ago the cookies completely flattened out by the end of their stay in the oven. In this case I was going to have to try out some different flavors, to make up for the boring shapes. I walked around CVS and decided on two additional ingredients to go into my new cookies. Lays chips and dried mango. I figured the dried mango would add a bit of flair and texture. The lays chips would add more crunchiness and I figured since cookies and chips are so salty these days, why not just combine the two and make it a double sodium overkill, YUM!

series 2.jpg


I felt that the mango was a bit over powered in my first test, so in the second I added a lot more. I think the new flavors were alright but I can see my self getting pretty sick of the lays chip cookies pretty fast.


Yours is the first of the blogs I've reviewed for this assignment that has clear evidence of testing multiple ideas! Congratulations!
I am confused however of what your final recipe is, or which cookie you decided to bring to class. That closing section of what your final choice was is missing, and leaves me as the reader with half a cookie experience.
You mention in your opener that you made sketches and drew things out for this assignment, you should show us! I would appreciate seeing more of your process on the page.

I can clearly see that you had a complete process and tested multiple ideas. As someone with about as much baking experience as you, I can feel where you are coming from with the inexperience. It seems like you were able to bypass that pretty successfully.

Your blog post was informative, but if it it could be ordered more along the lines of ideas to final cookie I think it would be a bit more understandable for the reader. Maybe throw the failed cookies first and show all the work you put into it and then at the end present your final cookie and why you chose that over the others.

I believe you chose the 'barnacle cookie' with the cherry and I would agree that one seems the most interesting and creative in flavor. One other suggestion, maybe throw your final ingredients down so we can know what went into your delicious cookie.

Outstanding documentation of your initial idea generation and prototyping. It is great that you included your failures too, one can really get a sense of your thought process while reading this post.

Your post is well laid out and fairly informative, but my only suggestion would be to put a bit more detail into how you made the final cookie. It would be very hard for someone else to replicate what you have done here if they wanted to. Some more images from the preparation of the final cookie might be nice as well.

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