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Alright humorous products it is!

So as summary for this assignment I would have to start of with a game to get me playful, make a winter themed word map and then use the words in the word map to come up with ten humorous ideas for products. I got my playful and creative juices first flowing by playing telephone pictionary with some friends after a club meeting on Saturday (shamelessly self promoting Digital Art Studio). Anyway the game goes like this, everyone writes down a scenario and the next person has to draw it, then the third person has to write down a sentence based on what that second person drew without looking at anything before it, this continues on until the idea circulates back to the original person. Things get pretty weird (I'll make sure to add pictures next chance I get) but for example an angry pikachu in the beginning of one game turned into a sexy lingerie wearing drug addict pikachu. I really wish I had the pictures to show.

Next I drew out a word map which you can see directly below... The main three sub themes I'm going with are cold hands, skiing, and snowballs.

So my first idea came about by combining ski boots, with messy house due to snow boots, and passive aggressive family members. Basically you can walk normally in your boots outside but when you enter the house the boots constrain your movement and essentially bind your feet to the floor (ski boots are really hard to walk in) and prevent unaware guests and children from walking around in the house in their dirty wet snow boots. You have to take them off to walk a significant distance in the house! Picture below...
photo (11).JPG

Next we have the defecation detector. Many times we regret not picking up dog poop before snowfalls so get this product. Using similar techniques that avalanche rescuers use such as a stick to detect air pockets and some strange poop detection radar, you will never return to your house with fall's left overs you fed to your dog.
photo (5).JPG

Ski treads. You never have to carry heavy skis back to your car again, just strap on the fold out ski treads and ride your way back to the car on a flat surface!
photo (10).JPG

The Bad Present Scanner. Not sure if your parents or significant other got you what you were asking before? Well now you can find out if they got you something terrible in advance. With the bad gift detector one can scour the house ahead of time and sob tears of disappointment weeks before Christmas so that you'll be over it by the time Christmas actually arrives and save yourself the anger and embarrassment on the holiday.
photo (8).JPG
the perfect cup. Ironically not a cup. It is an amorphous blob that contains a warm liquid of your choice such as hot chocolate or hot tea. The straw keeps cooler than the rest of the blob so that you can sip your liquid, but the blob releases just the right amount of heat from your hot chocolate to keep your hands warm. Just prod the container with your hands so that it covers them and take a sip!

photo (9).JPG

Bad Present cookies.
Step 1-receive bad present
step 2-...(realize magnitude of disappointment)
step 3-cry into cup
step 4-add salty tears to cookie mix
step 5- drown sorrow in cookies(Me Gusta)
photo (6).JPG

Grinch defender
shoots snowballs at carolers
photo (3).JPG

Miss dubstep in the winter? Dunstepify your xmas songs with this app!
photo (4).JPG

Like dumplings but suck at making them? Use this dumpling maker, just put dough in and viola now you have your own dumplings made from the same technology as the snowball makers.
photo (7).JPG

the video game Red dead redemption but instead of a western setting it takes place in the north pole in Santa's Wild north. The blob in the upper left corner is supposed to be a reindeer (instead of a horse)
photo (2).JPG

alright that's all ten of my ideas!


Hey Jan!

I liked your mind map. Looks pretty expansive (from what I can see). The feedback I want to provide you are mistakes I made myself on this assignment.

Looks like you had some great ideas, but it was difficult to understand some of them due to the drawing and long/sloppy title. As I said, I made similar mistakes. Clearer title would help a lot!

Cropping or scanning your photos would go a long way!

Would have liked to see pictures of your game.

Work on the flow of your blog a little more. I'm learning about blog design myself, so I'm right there with you. Varying font size/bold/font type would help with your blog!

Great job with this assignment. You really took advantage of the humor in the crossing of products and got super creative.

One critique I have is that your products could use a little more of a description maybe instead of a story, this would just help a little more to clarify your product idea.

Also, like Barry said, if the pictures in this were modified and cropped it would make your blog posting design so much better.

Overall great job on these, they really made me laugh and I loved reading your thoughts throughout. Great job!

Your mind map is very expansive. It was a little difficult to read - I would suggest using a scanner on future images of notes to get a clearer, more legible image. You were able to really expand on a few ideas - I would suggest adding some quick sketches to enhance these ideas.

You were thinking outside of the box for your products, which is commendable! Thinking of ideas without thinking of the feasibility of the product is a great technique to brainstorm! However, I was a little confused on what was going on in most of them. Using a clearer description would be great.

As the others said, I would crop your photos and be sure to remove thumbs. If you have access to a scanner, that would be great to improve the quality of your images.

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