A Minnesotan Bigfoot?

A Minnesota hunter caught a picture of a tall, hairy creature that have some speculating that is the image of Bigfoot, according to the Star Tribune.

Tim Kedrowski and his sons, Peter and Casey took the picture on Oct. 24 in their hunting land near Remer, Minn.

"I can't sit here and tell you I'm a 100 percent believer, but I'm a little less skeptical than I was before," Kedrowski said. "You don't go deer hunting looking for this kind of thing."

Scientists have been more skeptical, and have pointed to the fact that no one has ever found a Bigfoot carcass.

"All organisms die; they don't just go away," Blane Klemek, assistant wildlife manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Bemidji said. "You'd think someone someday would find one."

Kedrowski sent the image to Don Sherman and Bob Olson of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team, who determined the creature to be seven feet tall, according to the Pioneer Press. 

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