Bay Area Animal Cruelty Runs Rampant

Rates of animal cruelty and neglect in rural areas outside of San Fransisco triple in some areas according to an article by the New York Times.

While accounts of animal abuse and neglect are what experts consider to be very low within the city, people who live outside city limits don't have the same access to affordable places to spay and neuter their animals, which could be part of the problem.

"The number of animals destroyed each year reveals the disparity," according to an analysis by the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, "dogs and cats are up to 30 times more likely to be euthanize in surrounding and outlying counties than in San Francisco."

Experts also point to so-called 'backyard breeders' who breed animals for profit with little regard for their well fare or living conditions.

While steps can be taken to rescue endangered animals little is often done to rep-remand those who abuse their animals due to fear that they will refuse release of their animals if they were to be punished, or worse, kill them.

California is no stranger to issues surrounding animal cruelty and recently faced Proposition 2, which, according to the Los Angeles Times required, "that confined cattle, pigs and chickens have enough space to lie down, stand up, turn around freely and extend their limbs. Because there are few veal producers in the state and the largest pork producer here has already said it would eliminate small crates, the initiative would apply to the 19 million laying hens in California."

While no solution is currently in motion experts agree that something must be done.

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