Rocori School Board Considers Metal Detectors

The Rocori school board is reconsidering installing metal detecters after two weapon incidents occurred within the month of April in Cold Springs, Minnesota.

The board had voted against installing the detectors after a series of public discussions took place in 2003, when two students were shot and killed by another student at Rocori High School. Since that time two more incidents occurring less then two weeks apart have prompted the school board to reconsider the installation.

"I don't think it is going to solve the problem," board member Lisa Demuth told the SC Times at a meeting regarding the incident.

The latest two incidents involved a seventh-grade boy who brought a gun to school and aimed it at other students on April 11. Police also found additional ammunition in the boys backpack. The boy is currently charged with second-degree assault and is being processed through the Stearns County District Court. The second incident involved a girl who brought a knife to school on April 20. She is currently being dealt with though the school's disciplinary procedures.

While all agree the indicents are horrific many think the installation of new metal detecting equipment is unneccasary and costly.

According to the Star Tribune, Superintened Scott Staska said the metal detectors could cost more than $1 million and would require staff to monitor them.

Though the occurrence of weapon incidents is appalling, Staska believes all occurrences to be unrelated and sees no reason to move forward with any metal detector installation.

"A good share of it is our history," Staska said, "Nobody wants to repeat what we had happened."

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