Secret Women's Club for Women on Top

An underground society of women known as Belizean Grove shows ties with major corporations around the world.

The society, which is similar to groups like the Skull and Bones, has affiliations with many organizations around the world and works as a mentor program for women in powerful positions. Grove members are made up of women mainly in their 50's and 60's. The women hold high positions in society and including a supreme court judge, senators, and CEO's of major corporations.

"We leave our egos and business cards at the door," Catherine Allen, a Grove member who is CEO of Santa Fe Group told the New York Times, "It's about: 'I have this problem. I'm a C.E.O. of a corporation, what should I do?' and this becomes a sounding board because there are other women who have been in similar situations. It's about learning from each other, enriching our minds, developing true friendships. There's a real generosity of spirit."

Grovers use the club for networking and use their power to lobby for certain causes, back fellow members of the club and impact society. Though the group makes no particular affiliations with either political party, it's been reported that their next goal is to see a women president.

"The Belizean Grove is a global constellation of influential women who are key decision makers in the profit, non-profit and social sectors;" According to Belizean Grove mission statement, "who build long term mutually beneficial relationships in order to both take charge of their own destinies and help others to do the same."

While the membership process is confidential it is known that the society is very selective and has strict criteria for its members that includes only allowing one employee from a corporation to join.

"Many of us had to shoehorn our way into a completely male world," Davia Temin, a Grover who is chief executive of Temin & Company, which specializes in crisis and reputation management told the New York Times, "so there's one level of network that provides solace and comfort, but now we're taking it to the next level, which is actually to create value in the world."

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