Mendeley and Prezi/Prezi Meeting

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Mendeley is a reference manager and academic "social" network, with a web-face as well as native apps (with reduced functionality) for macs, pcs, and linux.

Prezi and Prezi Meeting are interesting presentation tools.

So far these have been most interesting...

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Mendeley looks slick. Is it in the same space as something like Zotero or RefWorks, or something else altogether? Do you know if anyone at the U is using it, and what their experience has been?

I've seen classmates in my grad classes use Prezi from time to time (I haven't yet, though I do have the iPad app just waiting to be used), but I've heard whispers that it's gotten a reputation as the go-to for masking an otherwise weak presentation with enough eye-candy to cause cavities. That's not necessarily the tool's fault, but maybe there's something to be said there about its limitations in an academic setting.

What do you think are its strengths as a presentation tool, and how do those strengths compare with other tools, like PPT, Keynote, Google Presentations, etc.? In other words, when do you think Prezi would be the right tool to use?

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