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Howdy everybody.

I prowl a few sources for tech news, but not many dedicated to academic technology in higher ed, which is looking like a trend.

Of the sources I'll list here, the ones I think warrant the most attention are CNet, Webware, and Profhacker.

Here are the feeds that get most of my eye-ball time:

CNet News (
A pretty main stream collection of what's jiving in the tech industry, but it's normally a second tier source, commenting on breaking news from other places around the net. This is by far my most relied apron source.

Webware (
A subdivision of CNet that focus exclusively on the web and cloud computing.

iPhone Atlas ( and Android Atlas (
Two more sources associated with CNet, but these are focused exclusively on iOS and Android. Good info, but also not a source for breaking news, per se.

The Open Road (
Yet another CNet associated source, this one focusing on open source trends. Sometimes a little less relevant to what I'm doing than others I follow, but still pretty interesting.

Mashable (
A site about emerging and colliding technologies and culture. I really only follow the social media wing,

Lifehacker (
Like Tanya, I also enjoy this resource for its breath of topics and ideas. More about technology in everyday life, but a good source for feeling out the tech zeitgeist of the moment.

Profhacker (
I haven't been following this one for too long - had it recommended to me in one of my recent classes - but it looks very similar to Lifehacker, except with a focus on higher ed instead of general day-to-day life. Some interesting stuff.

Gizmodo ( and Endgadget (
Tanya has these as well. Very gadget focused. I don't turn to them all that often, but when a big gadget announcement is on the way or has just happened, I check them out for their analysis and opinions.

A List Apart (
A fantastic site on web design and development. It's a very approachable resource for novices, but covers current topics in enough depth to be useful for even experts at web tech.

Technorati (
A blog aggregator of sorts. I don't follow these guys either, but every now and then I go to see what's new and what emerging blogs I may want to pay some attention to.

I also follow many of these and others on Twitter all wrapped up with a bow in a list that itself be followed:!/pjhaggerty/tech-news

So, thems be it.

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Oh, forgot one (also a relative n00b to my list):

HackCollege ( - another Lifehacker-like site, but with a focus on college undergrads.

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