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In my regular surfing habits, I don't have a go-to source for information about academic technology. Instead, I try to connect the dots from various sources about design, typography, content, code, branding, and usability. Here are three of my favorites.

When university development teams go through a major redesign, they're often featured here.

This blog goes beyond featuring examples to write about web, marketing and public relations in higher education.

Data, as a topic, is hard to categorize. So is this blog. It's run by a Ph.D. candidate in statistics and it looks at how data visualization affects our lives.

The author of this blog attempted to rethink the mouse with his 10/GUI project. Today he presents articles about the conventions of modern interface design and the assumptions that come with them.

Brain Traffic
This company is just up the road from us. Their topics center around their argument that it's impossible to design a good user experience for bad content.

Boxes and Arrows
This blog gets into the nuts and bolts of building technology to make great user experiences.

UX Magazine
User experience is a cross-disciplinary mode of thinking. This blog covers some of the fresh thinking on design, strategy, technology and their influence on modern life.

UX Booth
Yep, it's another blog by and for the user experience community. Topics discussed here could, like a lot of given topics, be applied to the classroom.

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Thanks for the excellent contributions. I've already started following a chunk of these and posted on a few of the articles they have. The Brain Traffic site will be especially useful to me as I work on content management strategies a lot these days. And they're local! Crazy.

Which ones do you think would be best for the group to pay particular attention to? As you said, these aren't directly related to academic tech in higher ed, so how do you currently relate the info you get here to the higher ed space? Trends? Specific technologies? Potential directions?

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