Another alternative: AuthorPOINT

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AuthorPoint description: "It is an easy to use presentation creation tool that works as a toolbar inside Microsoft PowerPoint and helps you create rich multimedia SCORM compliant
content for sharing across platforms. AuthorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista & Microsoft Office 2007."

• Does it allow for Audio Narration?
"Retain Embedded/Linked audio, narrations and audio on animations in PowerPoint files"

• Does it allow for auto-advance?
The website doesn't say.

• Does it allow for animations?
"Retain animation effects in PowerPoint files"

• Does it allow for video? Talking-heads? Web-video?
"Retain linked videos in PowerPoint files"
"Sync Live audio/video with PowerPoint Files"
"Sync pre-recorded audio/video files with PowerPoint files"

• Is the final presentation accessible?
See "Known Issues" at

• What are the available formats for the final presentation?
"Save as SCORM Compliant Flash presentation"
"Get an unbranded version of output player"
"Compile CD/DVD of your Presentations"

• How can the presentation be distributed?
"Share through authorSTREAM"

• Does it allow for quizzes? If so, are they SCORM compliant?
"With WizIQ, students can practice online tests."

• Is the UI similar to/integrated with PowerPoint, or is it different in significant ways?
"You will find the authorPOINT menu and tool bar in your PowerPoint window. Simply install authorPOINT. Then open your PowerPoint presentation and you are ready to begin capturing your synchronized authorPOINT presentation by clicking the capture button."

• Licensing: business/education or individual?
Educational pricing is available.

• Cost?
"Special AuthorPOINT educational price of $99 only"
"WizIQ offers 25 teacher accounts for $199.95/month."
Full details at

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