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Here's a quick URL to 8 Adobe Presenter alternatives:

Of the 8 listed:

  • Articulate Presenter '09 seems to be a pretty close match. If the quizzing and online tools are needed, there are other options in the product family that can be integrated

  • Brainshark looks pretty cool and has a mobile presentation option that looks pretty interesting

  • iSpring looks very similar to Articulate Presenter, but seems to have some strengths around video integration at first glance

  • AuthorPoint is sort of a mix between Adobe Presenter and Camtasia Studio. You get to record what's right on the screen and audio/video of the presenter. Can be exported as Flash or WMV

  • Raptivity is all about quickly creating online interactions. Pretty cool with over 200+ built-in interactions that can be modified. However, not a great match for Presenter

  • UDUTU seems to be pretty geared towards corporate clients and is not a good match in my opinion

  • Rapid Intake looks to be more of a fully online course system. It seems to have the same functionality as Adobe Presentation, but many other things as well

  • Lectora appears to be a pretty all encompassing rapid multimedia development tool. It too can do what Adobe Presenter does, but quite a bit more.

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