Adobe Captivate 5.5 (Mac or Win)

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  • Does it allow for Audio Narration? Yes. The sound can be recorded with screen actions or inserted later on. You can also turn text into speech.
  • Does it allow for auto-advance? It will depend on the publishing format, but generally yes--there will be a playbar that would allows users to advance.
  • Does it allow for animations? Yes. Animation created in other programs can also be inserted (ex. FLV).
  • Does it allow for video? Talking-heads? Web-video? Yes, most common formats can be inserted: AVI, MOV, FLV
  • Is the final presentation accessible? Depends on the final format.
  • What are the available formats for the final presentation? Many, some are: MP4, iPad, iPhone, PDF, SWF, Mac/Win executable, can also publish directly to YouTube in HD, (No FLV!).
  • How can the presentation be distributed? Yes.
  • Does it allow for quizzes? Yes. You can use templates you create nice looking quizzes. If so, are they SCORM compliant? Yes.
  • Is the UI similar to/integrated with PowerPoint, or is it different in significant ways? Different, it's a more complex program that looks similar to other Adobe applications.
  • Cost? Full - $799.00, educational - $289.00, subscribe month-to-month or year-to-year from $59.00/mo. (Prices as of June 2011.)

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