iSpring (Adobe Presenter alternative)

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Does it allow for Audio Narration?

  • Yes, using iSpring Presenter
Does it allow for auto-advance?
  • It is one of several options, but not the default option
Does it allow for animations?
  • Yes, claims to have the most comprehensive conversion of PPT animations on the market
Does it allow for video? Talking-heads? Web-video?
  • YouTube videos can easily be inserted
  • Talking head videos can be recorded or imported
  • Videos can be synchronized as well
Is the final presentation accessible?
  • Not stated, but probably not since it is converted into Flash content
What are the available formats for the final presentation?
  • Single Flash file (.SWF)
  • .EXE file - no Flash Player required
  • HTML page
  • ZIP archive
How can the presentation be distributed?
  • Publish locally to computer
  • iSpring online
  • Web
  • CD/DVD
Does it allow for quizes? If so, are they SCORM compliant?
  • Powerful quiz engine with iSpring Presenter (not available in iSpring Pro)
  • Works with systems that support SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC
Is the UI similar to/integrated with PowerPoint, or is it different in significant ways?
  • UI of iSpring Presenter is quite similar and integrates via a PowerPoint plug in
Licensing: business/education or individual?
  • Individual pricing
  • Educational pricing

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