myBrainshark (as a Presenter alternative)

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myBrainshark ( is a free, fully Web-based, online service that gives you a user-friendly way to create, share and track on-demand multi-media presentations. Advanced versions of Brainshark for Professionals and Trainers, (not covered here) are available for a monthly fee. Essentially, myBrainshark, the free version, is a browser-based Web application which allows you to assemble a group of slides into a presentation, stored on and delivered from, a server in the cloud. Each slide itself may be interactive, contain animation, and be of varied duration, depending on the content presented. You can upload slides created as PowerPoint presentations, photos and videos in many formats, as well as URL slides and document slides. You can add audio to any slide by telephone, microphone or MP3. A control at the bottom allows you to pause and start up again during the presentation, if you wish. You can insert interactive survey and poll questions as slides, share links to presentations and track viewing. myBrainshark actually creates a Flash movie, and alongside it, a parallel MP4 movie, so that if Flash is not available, such as in mobile use, it uses the HTML5 video tag to play an MP4 movie. In author mode, you can edit the order of slides, and insert and delete slides, but you cannot edit the content of the slides online. (You prepare content with your desktop software, such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc.). You can edit some of the metadata online, however. You can import a PowerPoint slide into the system, but you can't export it back out. Once you finish and activate your completed presentation, it becomes part of a useful online library of resources, in the manner of any other unrestricted URL, available to anyone. (Privacy and password management are available in the Pro version only.) There is a special iOS universal native app that remembers your login and has a cleaner look than when used in Mobile Safari, since the native app doesn't have an address bar. I tested the native app successfully on the iPad2. In addition, myBrainshark worked fine when I tried it using the Safari browser on the iPad, iPad2 and iPod Touch. Currently, a facility for offline use is not implemented.


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Thanks for the thorough review. FYI if you want a product that has an options for offline use, look at Knovio. Free product, and it also links audio AND video with PowerPoint slides. Very easy to use. iPad compatible.

Thorough analysis, Earl. Thank You! I work on the team here at myBrainshark and appreciate the time you put into researching and sharing our service. Just wanted to add that the new Brainshark Android App has also just been released for those readers on those devices. We're happy to help with any questions @mybrainshark. Thanks again.

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