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Does it allow for Audio Narration?

Yes, but there are limited capabilities to edit the audio track once it is inserted.

Does it allow for auto-advance?

Yes, it can advance based on mouse click, on a set timer, or on the completion of an audio/video track.

Does it allow for animations?

Yes, but limited in scope and compared to PowerPoint. Has similar timing mechanism as Presenter for associating animation triggers with audio cues.

Does it allow for video? Talking-heads? Web-video?

It allows for video, included embedded web-video from sources like YouTube. Supports .flv, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .asf, .3gp, .m4v, and .vob formats for uploaded videos.

Does not allow for traditional talking-heads, but could be reproduced through embedded video on the slide.

Is the final presentation accessible?

No, the presentations are not 508 compliant.

What are the available formats for the final presentation?

Online Flash streaming, proprietary online players for Windows and Mac, PowerPoint presentation, Adobe PDF.

How can the presentation be distributed?

Streams online from proper, or can be embedded within any webpage. Offline delivery through proprietary players.

Does it allow for quizzes? If so, are they SCORM compliant?

No. It has polling, but no quizzing.

Is the UI similar to/integrated with PowerPoint, or is it different in significant ways?

It is similar to PowerPoint. Menus are different, but the core capabilities and metaphors are similar.

Licensing: business/education or individual?

Enterprise and individual. Discounts for K-12, but higher education discounts must be negotiated.


Individual: $24/month, $240 annual

Enterprise: K/12 $999/year for 501-1000 students with 50GB storage( )

No documented higher education prices.

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