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Camtasia for Mac or Camtasia Studio for Windows are screen and video recording apps for mac or windows. The recording and editing functions are more comprehensive than Camtasia Relay; users of Camtasia Relay will feel at home. This could be used for recording a presentation (PowerPoint or other) with accompanying audio as well as camera capture of the narrator.

- Does it allow for Audio Narration?

- Does it allow for auto-advance?
It records the screen. (Yes?)

- Does it allow for animations?
There are a number of special effects. Of course it will capture whatever special effects are in the presentation

- Does it allow for video? Talking-heads? Web-video?
The output is video; can't embed links or frames as such

- Is the final presentation accessible?
Not accessible.
Would have to be accompanied by a separate text transcript
it may be possible to add text titles/captions in another tool

- What are the available formats for the final presentation?
many choices of video (web, mobile, etc)

- How can the presentation be distributed?
distributed as native video, HTML5 based video, embeddable on web page, uploadable to services like iTunesU or YouTube

- Does it allow for quizes? If so, are they SCORM compliant?

- Is the UI similar to/integrated with PowerPoint, or is it different in
significant ways?
no integration with powerpoint, beyond being able to capture a presentation session

- Licensing: business/education or individual?
Individual licenses at reduced cost for education. Probably can negotiate volume or site discounts.

- Cost?
Individual licenses for education: $99 per copy of Camtasia Mac, $179 per copy of Camtasia Studio for Windows.

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