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Can this wait til I'm old, Can I live while I'm young...

Afternoon to all, so after what was predetermined to be a crappy morning, turns out pretty damn good. I guess you have to ask yourself, "Am I breathing?" Once I finally got home a little bit ago, I flipped on the Olympics, and drowned out the announcers with some jams from Phish. Phish, Who I thought to be the greatest band ever when there not too drunk, gave me an idea, to check out there gig posters, and if your into that whole hipster, vintage, jams, check these sites out, theres more bands, but these links bring you to the Phish posters. The second link is one poster, but everything about it is appealing. The poster has good depth, vibrant colors and the vintage feel, but with a little tweak to it as well. The placment of the type and image are awesome in my opinion. The image really helps bring your eye down to the other info.


I was trying to get another site up here but it directs you to something different thast requires a password, but there was a poster for the phish coney island show and they twisted and played with an image of a rollercoaster and the name phish, so that the the word phish was the rollercoaster, my favorite poster by far.

Im gonna make some pizza and soak in all my glory for the next hour or so,
P.s. this entry seems like a diary somewhat.

P.p.s. damnit Im even doing the P.s. things in a letter/diary. I gotta go...