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May 10, 2006

Showcase Makeover Final Project


The Showcase Makeover Project

For our final project we had to redesign a showcase display box around school. Rachael and I got picked to redeisgn the School of Fine Arts case.

Name:Brandon Hagstrom
teammate: Rachael Lybeck

Client: Char Love of the School of Fine Arts

Problem: To create a design for the Sieur Du Luth Summer Arts Festival presented by the School Of Fine Arts

Ideation: I first thought about the departments and the first image or thought to come. But then we changed directions to the Festival, and I started thinking summer and objects related to summer. We also played off the Do. campaigns that are around and the ipod ads. We tried adding an element of suprise to the posters by adding in a different color into it, catching your eye as you look from poster to poster. The solid color background was fairly bland, so we broke it up with a bunch of little color squares.

Working with our client: After working with Char a little bit, a summer theme was established.
It definitely was a good experience, working with a client and how it is hard to establish what they want as a design. We started off with two drafts, one formal and boring, and one way informal and i guess cheesy, just so we could get her to tell what she wants. We were initially going to do the whole department, but narrowed it down to the Sieur Du Luth Summer Arts Festival that was going on this summer.

The two ideas:
1. to have five different posters, each a symbol from summer, and bold colors, then the info could go around it, also having a giant picture of sieur du luth.

2. to only have three giant posters for each month, and on each poster to have a silouhette of sieur du luth in each poster doing something summer related. Using very bold colors like green, orange, and blue. Green being a connection to the summer lawn, orange being the the hot sun, blue being the lake. We also came up with the idea to add pictures in realting to the arts and also around duluth and the nature scene to add some photography.

Issues with plans and materials:
Well some issues were the budget, but thats just because the UMD print shop was way too expensive, then when we tried in the visual imaging lab, the files were incompatible, but in the end everything came out nice and I am very satisfied with the outcome keeping in mind the roughly two weeks give or take we had to start and finish.

Magazine spread/p. 1 and 2

Picture 3.jpg

Magazine spread/p. 3 and 4

Picture 2.jpg

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