May 4, 2005

april 30 / may 1

well nervous we are getting and excitment is growing stronger.....our group is coming along quite well and we are finishing with touch ups on anything needed.....repeating our act over and over till we got sick of it......wait i dont think we ever got sick of thanks alyssa.....for making us repeat it again and again it was a good learning experience as well as an obvious benefit to our performance......jacqui keeping me from spazzing out about doing good enough in the actual performance......she has always been there for me and encourages me to do my best....and shes great at it......prince.....always keeps me laughing......and as i have learned smiling makes a person more happy on the inside as well as out and he does a great job of doing that for everyone so i think throughout this experience each person became a happier person....cindy has always contributed herself well......she always still looking for ways around something when we get stuck......she helps out always when i am worried and is great at her part and never givving up trying even though she new it so well

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april 24/27 rehearsal

Coming along quite well.......jacqui making tremendous improvements on has been going so smoothly......she has a great confidence i feel has started to rub off on me.......prince......making changes when needed and finding and even funnier way to communicate them to the audience.....cindy.....with her dramatic thisbe personality.....she is improving each time and doing the great job she always has been with her part......i can see good potential from her as an actor in the future......alyssa......keeping things on task as usual....cracking down on us to get things right for out upcoming great to have someone keeping things organized and flowing.......we do seem quite tired often that things are winding down but we always seem to pull off a productive rehearsal while sometimes going over for time just to get things right........

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April 27, 2005


jacqui......i am impressed with her willingness to be so open to every member of the group.....she is always helpful on giving me tips for my parts and comforting me that i am doing an ok job.....sometimes i feel i am not acting good enough but she always reassures me that it ok and gives me a few pointers.....thanks

cindy......once again her acting has been awsome......she really plays her part out well and adds great laughter to the group....she comes prepared and makes it obvious that she will get her part down.

prince.....doing great with his part also.....he really can pull off like he has an indian accent or something.....just kidding......his work is great and he plays around with any idea that is brought to his attention and suceeds with the one he chooses.

alyssa.......once again warmups were great although are ADD did not click as much with this rehersal, our energy was down do to stress and weather, butin no time alyssa had us back to normal with our ADD and throughout our rehersal performance gave us great hints on making our part more dramatic.

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April 17, 2005


WOW----that is the main thing i have to say about everyone this time.....we really have a great group......alyssa---starting us off with great exercises really helped us to warm up....a little to the end of them we all had this ADD reaction for the rest of the night----thank you alyssa----she hung in there keeping everyone with it and focuses even though she accused us of being worse than the little kids she works with.....prince----yep----he seems to be getting a little confused with the meaning of a leg and an arm.....we will need to work with him on this......he adds great entertainment to the group and is not afraid to try new things........cindy......she has been coming prepared and very open-minded......she also adds great entertainment to the group......jacqui......well what can i say we were the only ones on time today......good job girl......also coming prepared full of new ideas and adding laughter among all of us.

working with my group makes me even more eager to attend our next meeting....we have a great time while getting lots of work done.....cant wait to see how everything turns out

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April 12, 2005



I liked how Alyssa pursued group organization. She makes it very clear of what we have to acomplish. She sets goals and gives us a time they need to be met. I think this is an awsome quality. I feel very lucky to have a director that actually wants to be involved not only with the production but the performers themself. She makes a great effort to make sure that everyone comes to an agreement. She takes charge in her position and at the same time lets us be in charge with her. She really makes this experience group oriented and fun.


Cindy always has a strong attitude towards what she thinks will work. This is a great quality to have because she is very sure of herself and can contribute greatly in decision making. She has many new ideas to being to the table and creates other ideas off of the ones our classmates have touched on. She is very creative and uses that trait to make this production more interesting.


Jacqui really focuses her thoughts on uniqueness and contributes those to what is written on paper....creating a very different and well thought out play in her head. She has this ability to come up with various ideas randomly.....this is a great quality...she always can come up with an idea when someone is stuck or if there is something that is hard to understand.....she has a great point of view that helps me learn many things.


Prince really opens up his mind to new ideas......he keeps things interesting and on edge for everyone......if there is something to point out during our meetings it some how involves his name.....he has a strong personality that keeps the flow of our production going.....he comes up with ideas promtly and relates them to the topic of discussion.....and i cannot forget to add that he makes everyone laugh at some point, which i think is one of the best qualities a person can have...without laughter and fun what would theater be?

Overall our group contributed tremendously and we had a great outcome at the end of the week. Our group members have awsome personalitites and will make this production a great success.....i would not trade my classmates for anyone......i have too much fun.......

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April 4, 2005


Clurman.......well unable to tell perfectly what will come of this but for some reason i feel that this production will involve a great deal of identity of the audience and the performers......i feel it will be a very funny production.....with the different interpretations we come up with it will make it more funny because we will all look at it in a different way which causes more variety and interest from the audience

Schechner....I think the environment of our production is spintaneaous and energetic which causes the audience to be more curious and that curiousness causes audience to become more involved and interact more directly......depending on the performers appearance and thought put into the production helps to depict the comedy that arises from it.

Bogart.......i want to enter this with confidence and spunk......i think with these key ingrediants that our production will appear to be more comic driven and entertaining for the audience and the performers

Jones......each production has energy and aura of some sort, some more than others....a mid summers night does a good job of expressing an energy that causes the audience to interact with with the involvment of the performers.....meaning the envolvment with the audience as well as the envolvment of becoming the character themself and interacting on a more personal level to make the production more alive and real.

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March 29, 2005

three articles assign

One of the articles that most reflected me was by Stanisavski......a statement stated that the findamental aim of our art is the creation of this inner life of a human spirit, and its expression in an artistic form. To me that is very strong and i completely agree with explains so much when thinking about theatre......the art is the inner spirit of the person and his or her impact on the audience through expression of can look at this statement in many different ways but that was just on of the ways that i look at it....another staement i found interesting goes off the previous our art you must live the part every moment you are playing it, and every time......this reflects how i feel when i am acting in class or at any other time......if you are not living the part you are playing then it is not a tru act......i think a person needs to feel and become that character for the time being....sort of like what we discussed in class today.......quite interesting i might add......i loved lecture......those are only a few thoughts along with many more but those were my strongest points truely reflecting me.

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March 1, 2005


Interesting point

I thought Brechts "he who says yes/he who says no" ended in a very interesting way. I thought it was interesting because throughout the play they considered turning back on a journey is such a shame and disgrace and while i was reading i felt that, thats what was going to happen....they would not turn back and just leave the boy somewhere to die from his so called sickness. But at the end they actually turned back for him and said there should be nothing disgraceful about it. I think Brecht uses a lot of this throughout his writings.....i am not sure what he inteded by it, but it mislead me and kept me interested to the end. I think that has a great deal to with how his goals of the story and its social function tranlates to the audience. That is how I tranlated this play that he wrote.


P.140 of Brecht on theatre(reader)

I thought it was difficult to understand the statement it had made: "science has carefully developed a technique of getting irritated with the everyday, universally accepted occurance, and there is no reason why this infinitely useful attitude should not be taken over by art."

I am not sure what this statement intened to get across to the audience, but it standed out in this reading and i wanted to make my intput on it. Whatever they intedned it to mean, i think that science is art and art is science, i believe that art takes a part in everything, i believe that science takes a part in everything....whether its dealing with the emotional, literal, political, factual aspects or just plain chemistry.

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February 12, 2005

stage blood

Stage Blood is merely a play within a play. It is targeted at the new generation, mainly the 20th century. This play used comparisons such as the ouija board and yoga. It also talks about suicide and gays which were rarely discussed in the early ages. As a whole, stage blood represents who they are and what theatre means to them. It is stage blood that runs through their veins.

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Thesis Statement

The death of Matthew Shepard affected many. It was a tragedy that was felt across the entire nation. However, the greatest affect was bared by the small town of Laramie. Doctor Cantway said that it “…offends us (the town). I think that’s a good word. It offends us!” I am going to further explain how it offends various people in the town and how the “offense” differs from person to person.

Audience: The general public (non-residents of Laramie)

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