Miller makes 42 saves as U.S. shocks hosts

About 30 minutes after the game ended, had a story on their website recapping the U.S. Men's Hockey team's upset victory over Team Canada. The game was one with an extraordinary amount of hype leading up to it, and resulted in one of the most significant American victories ever in the game of hockey. The last time the U.S. had beaten the Canadians in the Olympics was 1960 (in 1980, the two teams did not play each other). Here is the lead for ESPN's story -
The United States pulled off its biggest Olympic hockey upset since the Miracle on Ice, stunning Canada 5-3 on Sunday to advance to the quarterfinals of an already mixed-up tournament.
For the most part I think this is a fairly good lead. It hits the basic elements we have discussed in class, staying short and succinct while making good choices in what facets of the story should be raised to the forefront. Certainly, the U.S. beating the Canadians is a upset, and with the game being played in Vancouver even more so. The only issue I really have is the claim that the tournament is mixed-up, as the only real upset to date has been Slovakia squeaking past the Russians 2-1. I think it may have been better to bring up one of a couple other elements that help to put this game in context. It could have been discussed/mentioned that predictions for viewing of the game had half of all Canadians watching the game. Or, perhaps better, the U.S. Junior National Team's even more surprising upset victory over the Canadians in Saskatoon earlier this winter to win the World Junior Championship game could have been referenced. This victory today adds salt to an already deep gash inflicted by the Americans in the World Junior's to not just Canadian hockey, but the Canadian public. Over one third of all Canadians watched that championship game, and the Canadians had not lost the World Junior Championship in over 6 years. The Canadian pride in their hockey team and hatred of the American team runs extremely deep, and this plays a very large role in story of what occurred in Vancouver earlier tonight. Certainly, it wouldn't have been possible to mention all of this while keeping the lead a suitable length. But I think it could have been easily mentioned or introduced and then developed later in the story.

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