Animal Jam Codes for 2014

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Animal Jam is one of the most popular online games for kids in 2014. The game was created by National Geographic. Players can choose from an assortment of different animals to play as while they explore the map. The Animal Jam world is called Jamaa and is made up of 11 areas that are modeled after different habitats.

"Jammers" can explore the different areas and interact with other players through chat. Players are also able to have pets and change their character's costumes. There are missions that players can complete by finding animals hidden around the map. Animal Jammers can earn special items by completing this journey book.

If players want to purchase new items for their character, they can be purchased with gems. Gems can be earned by playing games and completing challenges around Jamaa. Each game typically awards 50-200 gems for a winning round. Jammers can challenge other players to play games and win gems from them too.

Another way to get gems is by using codes. The cheat codes allow you to earn 500-1000 gems just for entering them. Animal Jam codes are a quick way to earn gems in the game. Sometimes codes expire but all of these are tested to work in 2014. Codes can only be used once by each player.

If you've ever played Animal Jam, you know that earning gems can be difficult. That's where codes come in. It helps to have the latest codes so I'll show the newest ones for 2014. Codes can be entered when you log in to play Animal Jam.

2014 Working Codes
discovery - 1000 gems
bemybuddy - 500 gems
explorer - 100 gems


These codes all work in 2014 and can help earn free gems. Gems can be used to buy den items or new outfits for your character. New codes comes out for Animal Jam every few months so keep checking back!

Overall, Animal Jam is a safe, fun, and educational game for kids. Players learn about different animals and environments while having fun playing games. Being able to interact with friends is another great feature of Animal Jam. With a community of over 10,000,000 players, Animal Jam is a hit in 2014.

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