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Tunnel Town is the latest free game app from the creators of Animal Jam. Players control a group of rabbits from Jamaa in an area called Tunnel Town. The objective of the game is to breed a large colony of rabbits and build a huge underground fortress. Currently, the Tunnel Town app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Hopefully it will be available for Android devices in the future.
Players must feed and raise their rabbits to grow larger and advance in the game. You control what the rabbits do; digging, eating, mating, and more. Use their digging powers to create intricate tunnels to different burrows. Plant a garden above ground to feed your family of bunnies.

As players advance in Tunnel Town, better plant seeds become available but they take longer to grow. You can harvest your plants instantly if you decide to spend stars on them. We are looking for a cheat to earn free stars in the game. More garden spaces are also unlocked throughout the game.

Tunnel Town also uses gems for currency, just like Animal Jam. As your rabbits dig tunnels, you'll find patches of gems buried underground. Use your bunnies to mine these gems so you can buy new items. There are lots of items you can buy in Tunnel Town. So far there haven't been any cheats for Tunnel Town items yet but I'll update as soon as there are.

Another way to earn gems is by completing goals. Every time a player levels up in Tunnel Town, they unlock new goals to achieve. Completing goals gives you gems and experience points. Some goals require players to purchase new items, breed new bunnies, plant vegetables, etc. Goals are one of the best ways to level-up in Tunnel Town without cheats.
Tunnel Town players are able to breed their own new species of rabbits on the dance floor. Once rabbits reach a high enough level, they can breed. I am expecting there to be some cheats for breeding rabbits in Tunnel Town so stay tuned as soon as I find out. If you can breed a rare new type of bunny, you can earn rewards and show it off to your friends too!

As I mentioned earlier, there aren't many cheats out for Tunnel Town yet because it just came out. I'm sure people will find new cheats for Tunnel Town once it has been out for longer. I'll try to keep this blog updated with cheats when they come out. I put a link to a website that has some cheats for Tunnel Town below too.
Tunnel Town is quickly becoming one of my favorite iPhone games. It has all the quality of play from Animal Jam and some familiar items too! If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad get Tunnel Town from the App Store! I'll be making some walkthrough guides for the game when I get time. Until then, check out Tunnel Town for yourself!

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