Carbide Products

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Carbide products can be used for a variety of things. Carbide is a hard metal material which makes it very strong and durable. For this reason, carbide products are frequently used for saw blades or drill bits. Carbide tips and bits break less frequently than others and stay sharp for longer too.

For most of these blades and bits, the actual body is made of steel and just the tip or edges are carbide. It's estimated that carbide tips can hold their sharpness ten to twenty times longer than steel tips. Carbide tips can be sharpened in the same manner as steel but require a stronger sharpening block ie something diamond-coated.

In addition to cutting tools and drills, carbide blanks can be milled into a variety of different products. Most carbide blanks are made of tungsten carbide which is a mix of carbon and tungsten. These blanks can be purchased from various online suppliers. Carbide blanks have various industrial uses.

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