Free Animal Jam Memberships for 2014

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Animal Jam is an online game where players create avatars of different animals and interact with each other. The game was created by National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive. Animal Jam players are commonly referred to as "Jammers." Players can choose from a variety of activities in Animal Jam like games, shopping, chatting with other Jammers, and more.

Animal Jam is free to play for everyone but there is also paid membership available. Jammers with a membership can really get the most out of the game. Having an Animal Jam membership in 2014 unlocks a variety of different features and activities that are not available to free players. Some of these features are:

  • Able to have up to 24 different animals instead of only 2

  • Every member gets a free diamond every week in 2014 to spend on anything

  • Play certain games that are for members only

  • Ability to purchase every kind of animal in the game

  • You can adopt all the types of pets

  • Buy special members-only items for your den

  • Get early access to all of the new Animal Jam Adventures for 2014

  • Customize your nametag with cool colors and symbols

  • Access to many other member items and activities

You'll be able to do all of the things listed above and even more when you get an Animal jam membership for 2014! Members can truly get the most out of Animal Jam because they have access to everything. If this list isn't enough of a reason to get an Animal Jam membership, just ask other members around Jamaa how great it is to have a membership!
Animal Jam memberships are available for purchase starting at $6/month or you can get a whole year for $50. This can be too expensive for some players so I get asked a lot about how to get a free Animal Jam membership for 2014. Jammers used to be able to get free memberships if they agreed to be a beta tester and try out new features before they are released.

The only way I've found to get a free Animal Jam membership in 2014 is from a site called Free Game Memberships. Basically you can earn points for doing different offers like watching short videos or playing computer games. Just make sure you follow the instructions and you'll get your points soon after you complete the offer.

You can save up your points and use them on any game membership you want! They have lots of other game memberships there too! I found that the quickest/easiest offers to do are the surveys. You just have to answer some questions and then click submit when you're done. I got my points in about 30 minutes.

A one month Animal Jam membership for 2014 was only 50 points so I just did two surveys and got one. is the only site I've used that actually works to get a free AJ membership. They emailed me the membership code right away after I cashed in my points.

If you want all of the awesome benefits of an Animal Jam membership without having to pay for it, then I'd highly recommend Free Game Memberships!

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