3 Common Issues With Air Conditioners

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With summer making its way around the corner, the last thing we need, as homeowners, is a problem that can lead to a non-functioning air conditioning unit. Living in a state like Minnesota where the weather fluctuates so much air conditioners are a necessity. They not only keep us cool during heated seasons, but they also lower humidity levels and purify the air by passing through filters. To learn more about what an AC unit does check out this wiki explaining air conditioning The only way to reduce air conditioner problems is to ensure that you schedule routine maintenance checks, which will result in a smooth and efficient running AC unit. Lack of maintenance can lead to minor problems, which will eventually snowball into major issues that can cost quite a bit of money to repair.


Frozen coils, bad fans or capacitors, dirty filters, low Freon levels or refrigerant are all issues that can arise if your AC is not routinely checked and maintained. While at first these are all minor issues, they can very quickly result in increased utility bills, excessive energy usage and damaged air conditioning units. There are three main issues, which commonly occur that can lead to expensive and damaging problems:

Frozen inside coil, or frozen evaporator coil:

A frozen inside or evaporator coil can be caused by a number of different things. One reason can be due to a dirty air filter, which blocks the amount of air flow that enters your home, thus reducing the efficiency of your AC system and causes a build up of cool air that essentially freezes your evaporator coil. At this point, the air conditioner must work harder and use more energy to push out airflow, resulting in an increased utility bill. A frozen coil can also result in a leak that is caused by a build up of condensation. Air filters should be changed regularly, to avoid such problems from occurring.

A second cause can be due to low Freon levels and or refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical that cools the airflow that exits your AC unit. Low levels might be the result of a leak in the system. Such problems can highly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system, once again resulting in frozen coils. Low Freon levels cause your machine to run on more energy, not only raising your utility bills but also permanently damaging your AC unit. Low levels of refrigerant can also cause your air conditioner to run without releasing any cool air, resulting in an insufficient unit.

Outside fan not functioning:

A fans purpose is to directly transfer heated air from your home to the outdoors. There are two reasons that could explain why your fan might have stopped functioning. One might be due to a bad fan and the second might be due to a bad capacitor. The capacitor is one of the main and most common parts on an AC unit that is known to go bad. A broken fan and capacitor can cause the unit to overheat, thus causing permanent damage to the unit. While there are tests you can run yourself that will tell you if your capacitor is faulty, it is not suggested, unless you have a basic knowledge of AC units and all the parts that it is comprised of. If you do not have a running knowledge of such machinery, it is, at this point, highly suggested that you contact a HVAC tech that will come over and tell you exactly what is wrong with your unit.

Problem with the drainpipe:

A drainpipe is extremely important, in regards to any air conditioning unit. Its main purpose is to remove any condensation, caused by warm airflow coming into contact with your air conditioner. The condensation is then transported, via drainpipe, outside. A clogged drain line could result in excessive water damage in your home and a very hefty rochester mn air conditioning repair bill. With a simple AC service check, you can ensure that your drain line is clean and unclogged, which will leave you worry free, throughout the summer.

By performing routine checkups, you can ensure that your AC unit is fully functioning, thus resulting is less problems and unnecessary costs. Take the necessary steps to ensure that everything is running efficiently and effectively, this way, when the blistering summer heat hits, you will be cool in the comforts of your well air conditioned home.

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