Moviestarplanet Hack for Diamonds 2014

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Moviestarplanet players with a VIP membership already know all about diamonds but if you don't have VIP, let me fill you in! Diamonds are a special currency in MSP that allow you to purchase all kinds of special items, outfits, scenes, and more. In the past, diamonds have only been available to VIP members, but now you can get them with a hack!

The diamond hack tools work very similarly to other Moviestarplanet hacks. Most of them require you to download a small program to your computer. Then you just follow the instructions to run the hack tool. Adding thousands of diamonds to your MSP account can be very easy as long as you find the right hacks to use!


Now I'll go into some detail about exactly how to do a diamond hack in Moviestarplanet. Like I said earlier, these hacks are simple to use. The key is to find a hack that is safe to use and works correctly. Let's get started!

1. Find a safe Diamond hack tool to use. Click on the image above to find the latest working diamond hacks for Moviestarplanet. This is where I post the best hacks I find. Most of these hack tools require a download to your computer.

2. Download the diamond hack tool onto your computer. Some of these hack tools might make you do a survey or something like that, but most need to be downloaded. It is usually a very small size download though.

3. Read the instructions for the hack tool. Each tool is a little different so be sure to follow all of the instructions so the hack works properly. Most Moviestarplanet hacks require you to enter your username and sometimes your password. It will also ask you how many diamonds you want to add to your MSP account. Once you fill out the info, just click the "Start" button to activate the hack!

4. Go onto your Moviestarplanet account to check if the diamond hack has worked. It usually works right away so you should be able to tell if the diamonds have been added to your account.

5. That's it! Now you can go on a shopping spree with all of your diamonds. Buy all those cool items you've always wanted!

Remember to follow the instructions on the hack tool correctly. Also I recommend that you only use the diamond hack tool once a day. If you overuse the hacks then your account might get flagged. Just follow my instructions and you'll be fine, good luck!

Moviestarplanet Hack for VIP & Starcoins 2014

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If you've played Moviestarplanet, you know how much more you can do with a VIP membership. VIP members have access to all of the features in MSP like special items, chatrooms, and more! Unfortunately becoming a VIP member is not cheap, membership can cost up to $80 a year in 2014! That's why many players choose to hack in order to get VIP memberships, Starcoins, and Diamonds!

There are a few different ways of hacking Moviestarplanet to get what you want. I'll explain the different ways to hack MSP below. For a full list of hacks and how to do them, click on the image below! There are all sorts of different Moviestarplanet hacks depending on what you want to do in the game. There are hacks for Starcoins, VIP membership, diamonds, and more!


2014 VIP Membership Hack
If you want to become a VIP member on MSP, a membership hack is what you are looking for. There are a few different ways of hacking to get a VIP membership in Moviestarplanet. Some hacks will add VIP membership to your existing account and other hacks will require you to make a new msp account.

Moviestarplanet Starcoin Hack

A Starcoin hack will help you get tons of Starcoins that you can spend on new items in Moviestarplanet. Most Starcoin hacks will add the coins to your account after you have completed the process. You may have to do a survey or download a small program in order for the Starcoin hack to work. There are some other ways to do starcoin hacks with no downloads or surveys though.

Moviestarplanet Fame Hack
The fame hack in Moviestarplanet is similar to the Starcoin hack. Most of the time, you have to be logged in to MSP and then run the hacking program that adds fame to your account. This can be a quick and easy way to add fame to your account without having to buy a VIP membership for 2014.

MSP Account Hack
The last type of Moviestarplanet hack I'll be discussing is the account hack. This type of hack is what you would use if you're trying to gain access to someone's account. If you are trying to prank your friend by getting into their account and changing their status, then this is the hack for you. MSP account hacking can be done by filing a passwords change request.

Hopefully these descriptions of the different Moviestarplanet hacks will help you decide which type is best for you to use. Remember to only use safe hacking sources when doing any kind of MSP hack. For more information and instructions on how to safely do hacks, click on the image above.

Moviestarplanet Cheats for Starcoins and VIP 2014

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Starcoins are the main form of currency in the Moviestarplanet game. Players can earn Starcoins by playing games, completing quests, watching other players' movies, and entering competitions. It can take a while to earn Starcoins using these methods so the easiest way to get lots of Starcoins is by using cheats.

MSP Starcoin cheats can get you tons of money in your account for 2014. This is much faster than trying to earn Starcoins the hard way. There are a few different ways to cheat for Starcoins. One way is to use a Starcoin generator and generate tons of Starcoins for your account.

Another way is to find glitches to get cheats in Moviestarplanet for 2014. There are a few different cheats you can use to get Starcoins in MSP. A good source for cheats is a site called MSP Hack Blog. They seem to have the latest Starcoin cheats, glitches, and hacks.

You can also use cheats to get a free 2014 VIP membership for MSP. Similar to Starcoins, there are a few different ways to cheat for a VIP membership. There are VIP membership generators and also some different glitches and hacks too. These VIP generators can be downloaded or some of them can be found online.

It can be very difficult to hack a VIP account so that's not usually an option. Your best bet for getting a free VIP membership for 2014 is by finding a generator or a website that you can earn free game memberships. VIP memberships for Moviestarplanet can cost up to $80 for a year so cheats can really save you a lot of money.
MSP players have to be careful with which way they decide to use cheats because some of them might give your computer a virus. It's best to find a website that reviews different Moviestarplanet cheats, hacks and generators to find which ones are safe to use in 2014. Cheats can save you a lot of time or money if you can find safe ones that work!

My advice would be to use cheats, hacks and generators carefully and do your research first to make sure they're safe. Use review sites to see how the cheats have worked for other people before you try them yourself. Try the sites I've listed above for starters, good luck!

Moviestarplanet VIP Benefits

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Moviestarplanet is one of the most popular online games for kids. Players can dress up as movie stars and socialize with their friends in this online world. Anyone can play MSP for free or users can pay a monthly fee to become a VIP member. Here I'll discuss the benefits of getting a VIP membership for Moviestarplanet and some of the ways to get a membership.

Some of the benefits of getting an MSP membership include:

  • The ability to earn more fame so you can level-up faster.
  • Access to exclusive VIP member items, areas, chatrooms, and more.
  • Spin the VIP wheel for a chance to win more Starcoins
  • Give more autographs than non-members
  • Buy better pets
  • Add more friends to your friends list

There are a few different ways to get a Moviestarplanet VIP membership. The first way is to sign up directly on their website at There you can purchase any thing from a weekly to a yearly MSP membership ranging from $4-$60.


Most users don't want to have to pay for a Moviestarplanet VIP membership though. If you're one of these players, there are some options for getting a free membership. Some blogs and websites offer free MSP VIP memberships for participating users. These blogs are also a good source for Moviestarplanet cheats if you're trying to earn more starcoins.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of getting a Moviestarplanet VIP membership. You have some different options for getting a VIP membership including getting one for free from MSP Blogs. If you're just trying to earn more Starcoins, check out the site above for Moviestarplanet cheats!