Moviestarplanet Hack for VIP & Starcoins 2014

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If you've played Moviestarplanet, you know how much more you can do with a VIP membership. VIP members have access to all of the features in MSP like special items, chatrooms, and more! Unfortunately becoming a VIP member is not cheap, membership can cost up to $80 a year in 2014! That's why many players choose to hack in order to get VIP memberships, Starcoins, and Diamonds!

There are a few different ways of hacking Moviestarplanet to get what you want. I'll explain the different ways to hack MSP below. For a full list of hacks and how to do them, click on the image below! There are all sorts of different Moviestarplanet hacks depending on what you want to do in the game. There are hacks for Starcoins, VIP membership, diamonds, and more!


2014 VIP Membership Hack
If you want to become a VIP member on MSP, a membership hack is what you are looking for. There are a few different ways of hacking to get a VIP membership in Moviestarplanet. Some hacks will add VIP membership to your existing account and other hacks will require you to make a new msp account.

Moviestarplanet Starcoin Hack

A Starcoin hack will help you get tons of Starcoins that you can spend on new items in Moviestarplanet. Most Starcoin hacks will add the coins to your account after you have completed the process. You may have to do a survey or download a small program in order for the Starcoin hack to work. There are some other ways to do starcoin hacks with no downloads or surveys though.

Moviestarplanet Fame Hack
The fame hack in Moviestarplanet is similar to the Starcoin hack. Most of the time, you have to be logged in to MSP and then run the hacking program that adds fame to your account. This can be a quick and easy way to add fame to your account without having to buy a VIP membership for 2014.

MSP Account Hack
The last type of Moviestarplanet hack I'll be discussing is the account hack. This type of hack is what you would use if you're trying to gain access to someone's account. If you are trying to prank your friend by getting into their account and changing their status, then this is the hack for you. MSP account hacking can be done by filing a passwords change request.

Hopefully these descriptions of the different Moviestarplanet hacks will help you decide which type is best for you to use. Remember to only use safe hacking sources when doing any kind of MSP hack. For more information and instructions on how to safely do hacks, click on the image above.

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