Gift Cards For A Salon - Why They Work

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Gift cards can be an excellent promotional tool for many great reasons. If you have been trying to think of some great promotional ideas, then you should definitely think about how gift cards can benefit your salon business. Gift cards are a newer promotion idea, and many people appreciate the fact that gift cards make shopping for a "difficult to buy for" person extremely simple especially if you sell the gift cards on your salons website. This is one of the marketing strategies the popular websites for salons company recommends!

Keep a sign near the cash register and post one on the door to your establishment stating that you have gift cards available for purchase. People will notice that you have these cards available for purchase and if they are a current client, they may purchase one for a friend or family member as a gift.

On the opposite side of the coin friends and family of your clients who know which salon that client goes to can purchase a gift card for that person, knowing that they are a client of our salon and that they will get good use out of that gift card. The purchaser of the card knows that the gift is one that will be welcomed and the recipient of the card will definitely appreciate the sentiment.

A non client receiving the gift card will be much more likely to make an appointment with you because their session is already paid for. This may earn you some new clients and some new business. People are much more likely to give your salon a try if they have never been there before with a gift card.

Of all the gift cards that you sell, about twenty percent of those will never be redeemed. This means that some people will receive a gift card from your salon as a gift and will never redeem that card. This equates to pure profit for your business. To learn more profit driving campaigns for your salon visit Modern Salon.

Gift cards are often an "impulse buy" for the people who purchase them. It is always a great idea to promote gift cards around the holiday season and other special times of the year. Encourage your employees to suggest gift cards to customers when they are having a treatment.

Offer discounts for gift card holders. Add a flyer together with the card to show a list of current prices and then the discount available if a gift card is used. You can bet that your clients who are budget conscious or just enjoy a great deal will be purchasing gift cards from you.

Additionally by adding Gift Cards to your website clients may purchase the cards as gifts when scheduling their appointments!

There are a lot of really great promotions that you can package together with the gift cards that you sell. The promotion of your business is only limited by your imagination. It may seem like gift cards are not a good idea at first, but you will see an increase in business over time once people know that you have these cards available. The best idea is to try a gift card promotion for a short time and see how the cards sell. You are not losing money if you do not sell the cards because the investment is quite reasonable.

New design launched using Movable Type

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Our web site is sporting a new look and feel thanks to Movable Type and the Professional Template Set. The Professional Template Set makes it possible for just about anyone to get up and running with a new web site using Movable Type. It is literally as easy as just a few clicks. Just pick a new for your web site, select the Professional Template Set and publish. Then viola! a new web site. Thank you Movable Type!

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