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Time: the opposition

One of the most dominate oppositions I experience is time. Time's steady march forward shows no concern for my interests. Sometimes I want to stay outside and read but the hours change and soon the sun sets, taking away my light. And school assignments, I generally don't have a problem with them because they give me things to do. However, time ticks by and soon I've missed the assignment's deadline. I could blame my troubles on having too many conflicting interests but that's not their real cause. Time ultimately limits my actions. I can only do so may things in a minute and there are only so many minutes in a hour and only so many hours in a day...and one day I'll die.


Why must we experience reality this way? To me, time is like those Super Mario levels that continuously scroll sideways regardless of what Mario does. If Mario slows down or stops, the edge of the screen will push him along, against his will. Maybe it will push him into an enemy and Mario will die. Mario's life is just like mine. Sometimes I want to stop and explore or even go backwards but I can't. Time always pushes forward.


At least the scrolling level directs Mario towards his goal. Time is not completely horrible. Its limits give direction to my life. I had four years to graduate high school. In that time I did some homework and consequently learned some things. Time forced me to make choices in order to accomplish something I thought important.

There's only so many plausable responses to time. I don't have to power to elimate it so my best bet is to go with the flow, to let time sculpt my life. Time keeps pushing me into new situations. Yet, they're not so different than the ones before. I know that eventually I'll arive at the homework deadline so... I should probably get something done.

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