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St. Kate's to Get a Namelift

Currently, the name of the biggest catholic woman’s college in the country is the College of St. Catherine. But that name will only be effective until the end of spring because starting in June 2009 the name changes to St. Catherine University, according to the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.

The President of the college, Sister Andrea Lee, announced the news of the name change on Thursday morning at convocation according to the Pioneer Press.

The change reflects the growing population of the school, and that the school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Renaming the school was no easy matter, and according to the Star Tribune it took about a year to come to the conclusion.

The Star Tribune reports of just under 3,000 undergraduates, about 1,400 graduate students enrolled currently, and that enrollment has been increasing annually for the last 10 years. The Pioneer Press gives exact statistics of the enrollement for Fall 2007 at St. Kate's: 5,238 total students of which 1,427 were graduates.