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Woman's Accident is Suspected as Murder

At first the police simply called it an “unfortunate accident.� It appeared that Natasha Waalen’s motorcycle crash killed her. At least that’s what it appeared like at first according to both the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune.

The 28-year-old’s body was found on Tulip Stree NW, a quiet street, around 12:30am on Friday according to the Star Tribune. The described that scene with her body in the middle of the road and acrashed motorcycle nearby. The article did not mention what time the accident occurred. Then less than 24 after the “accident� police arrested Waalen’s boyfriend. Injuries that the police would not describe led them to believe that Waalen’s death did not happen by mere accident, and that she was actually murdered. The couple had a four-year-old daughter together. But, Waalen’s father does not believe that his daughter’s boyfriend is the criminal in the case, and that “he suspected that a man who had recently threatened to kill his daughter over a potential lawsuit might be the culprit.�

Ryan Boland, 33, was Waalen’s live-in boyfriend reports the Pioneer Press. According to this article he was arrested by Friday night. Saturday night he was awaiting charges as he was held in custody at the Anoka County Jail. Waalen lived only seven miles away from where her body was found. She and Boland lived at 816 Adams St. in Anoka. This article says that her family declined to comment other than confirming that she and Boland were in a relationship and had 4-year-old daughter together. Neighbors said Waalen and Boland were a quite couple who were not home together often. The article reports that Waalen was an acupuncturist who worked with disabled adults, and Boland last worked for a family-owned construction company. While Waalen did own a motorcycle, it is not confirmed that the motorcycle she crashed was her own. No possible motive for murder or exact cause of Waalen’s death has been released.