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Body found in car near Harriet Island

On Friday construction workers found a dead body in a car retrieved from the Mississippi River near Harriet Island according to both the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune.

The car was discovered in the river on Thursday while the construction crew was dredging the river. The Pioneer Press reports that a worker with a large backhoe struck the sunken car. The backhoe was located on a barge west of Wigington Pavilion.

The Star Tribune mentions that the car was retrieved from the water around 9 a.m. Friday. It was only then that the dead person inside the car was noticed.

The Pioneer Press reports that the police investigator said it took the construction crew about a day to pull the car out of the water.

“I looked in the car. It looked like an airbag, and then I saw the legs,? said a source refusing to give their name (Pioneer Press).

The Pioneer Press also reports that the car was a badly damaged white sedan. Although the investigator did not know what caused the damaged. He said it could have been pre-existing, caused by the backhoe, or even from river barges.

The police are still trying to identify the body both newspapers report. Once they have, no information will be released until the family of the victim has been contacted. The area where the construction workers were working and where the car was found was formerly a parking lot.