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Chinese Milk Companies Apologize

The top three dairy companies in China issued a formal apology for their involvement in the contaminated milk scandal that has rocked China on Sunday reports Reuters and China Daily.

The three companies all had used melamine in their baby milk formula, a toxin, which sickened tens of thousands of Chinese babies.

Reuters reports that the scandal has killed four babies, while 10,700 infants are still being treated, and 36,000 have already left the hospital after being treated.

China Daily says that 53,000 babies have been diagnosed with problems similar to kidney stones. That is how the contaminated milk was discovered – when 14 babies all had kidney stones a little over a month ago and the common link was the same brand of milk formula they had been drinking: Sanlu. This sparked on inspection of other brands, a number of which were also found to have melamine in them.

The three companies that apologized were Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Mengniu Dairy, and Bright Dairy Group.

China Daily reports that the apology came from the executives of the companies while they were television talk show program called “Dialogue.? The damage of the scandal is estimated at have cost each of the companies 200 million yuan ($29 million).

Reuters also mentioned that the Ministry of Agriculture will continue “sending quality teams across the country to monitor the clean-up of milk stations and animal feed producers.?