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Fatal Flooding in Yemen

In Yemen tens of people died due to massive floods caused by heavy rains on Thursday and Friday. The New York Times reports that the president of Yemen said on Saturday that 41 people died and 31 were missing. China View reports that as of Saturday 58 people were dead according to the interior ministry of the official SABA news agency.

The President also said that 1,700 houses were destroyed according to the New York Times. The publication noted that the president toured the badly affected areas including the southeast part of the country, which was hit the hardest, on Saturday.

China View said that the 58 dead all hailed from the east – namely the providences of Hadramout, Mahra and Taiz. It also mentioned that the floods, besides ruining houses, also damaged other infrastructure including electricity and telephone networks.

“The damages... are great and the catastrophe is also great,? the president said. (China View)

He said that the death toll will likely continue to rise as the damage assessment is ongoing in many areas according to the China View.