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Many McDonald's in Venezuela Temporarily Closed

The Venezuelan Government shutdown most of the McDonald’s in the country for two days last week due to discrepancies in the chain’s financial books reports CNN and the New York Times.

It was the government’s tax agency which ordered the shutdown due to “inconsistencies? found in sales and purchases books and taxes collected. (New York Times)

CNN reports that 115 McDonald’s were closed down while the New York Times says that 118 of the fast-food restaurants closed down. More specifically the New York Times says there are 132 McDonald’s in the country and that of the 118 closed down, all 80 of the Alimentos Arcos Dorados de Venezuela, a Caracas-based franchise, were closed.

The move to shutdown all the fast-food restaurants began on Thursday and continued on Friday reports CNN. Those closed remain so until Saturday.

“The company asserts its customary and thorough respect for and compliance with all Venezuelan laws, regulations and standards,? said Alimentos Arcos Dorados. (CNN)

New York Times mentioned that McDonald’s was subjected to a similar situation in the country three years ago. That time 80 of the restaurants were closed for three days as a penalty of failing to follow tax rules.