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Russia Begins Withdrawing from Georgia

With the war conflict between Russia and Georgia over, Russians began dismantling their checkpoints in Georgia according to the New York Times and Australian Broadcasting Cooperation.

This is in fulfillment of the peace treaty which the French President help broker. According to this plan Russia must withdraw from security or buffer zones by Oct. 10.

The withdrawal began in South Ossetia, a breakaway part of Georgia, where a checkpoint was dismantled on Sunday.

The ABC reports that the dismantled checkpoint was located near the northwest city of Gori.

The New York Times mention that the withdrawal comes two days after eight Russian soldiers were killed in South Ossetia. Their deaths were caused by an explosion which was the result of a car exploding that the soldiers had confiscated from a buffer zone and brought to their headquarters. The Times said that they it was the Nabarkhevi checkpoint which was dismantled on Sunday. They other two other checkpoints being dismantled were located by South Ossetia and near Zugdidi, outside Abkhazia.

Hansjörg Haber, head of the European Union which is overseeing the mission says he is “confident that the Russian side will respect its commitment to withdraw forces? by the Oct.10 date.