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Sex and Politics

Another sex sandal is rocking politics. The New York Times and Washington Post both report that Rep. Tim Mahoney (D) for Florida, is alleged of paying a mistress off so that she would not sue him.

The ironic part is that Mahoney gained his seat because the prior congressman, Republican Mark Foley, was also part of a sex sandal - involved inappropriate and lewd text messages with congressional pages - and resigned.

The New York Times claims that Mahoney paid his mistress a $121,000 settlement not to sue him for the conduct.

The Washington Post reports at settlement at more than $100,000.

ABC News broke the story and they also broke the story of Foley’s sex sandal reports the Washington Post.

Mahoney has asked that the House Ethics Committee investigate the matter.

“I am confident that when the facts are presented that I will be vindicated,? said Mahoney. (Washington Post).

The New York Times says that Mahoney’s wife was aware of his affair with a mistress that worked for him. The money was not a settlement, but a supposed legal agreement for her dismissal. This package also included “promise to Ms. Allen of a job at Fletcher Rowley Chao Riddle, a Nashville firm that handled Mr. Mahoney’s advertising.? But, the company is denying that is true and ended affiliation with Mahoney.