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12-year-old Shot Dead while Trick-or-Treating

A 12-year-old boy who was trick-or-treating was shot and killed on Friday in South Carolina reports The New York Times and The Press Association.

According to The Press Association, after the boy and his family attended a Halloween event the boy, TJ Darrisaw, and his father and three siblings knocked on a few doors to go trick-or-treating. They knocked on a door that had the porch light on. It was then that the family was shot at from inside the house. The convicted criminal, Quentin Patrick, who lived inside the house feared a robbery and fired almost 30 rounds from an assault rifle. Darrisaw, his father, and one sibling were all hit by bullets. The father and sibling were treated and released reports The Press Association.

Both publications report that Patrick has been charged with murder, assault, and battery with intent to kill.

The Times noted that the Halloween event the family attended was a city-sponsored event. The father and four children approached Patrick’s door at approximately 8:30pm, while the mother waited in the car, and upon coming to the door the children heard fireworks from inside the house. No mention of how many round were fired. The Coroner said that the boy died in the hospital.