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All Cigarettes in Minnesota Must Be Fire-Proof Soon

All cigarettes sold in Minnesota must be fire proof starting Dec. 1 says WCCO and The Star Tribune.

These cigarettes make the fire chief happy as the law states that all cigarettes must self-extinguish if left unattended for too long. (Star Tribune)

For the cigarettes to do this they are wrapped in thin bands of less porous paper so the tobacco burns more slowing and eventually will extinguish. (Star Tribune)

This measure is a precaution to help avoid death due to fire and home fires. Cigarettes are the leading cause of home fires in the U.S. said Nyle Zikmund of the Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association. Zimund also said this new law is the most important fire-safety law in the last 30 years. (Star Tribune)

These fire-proof cigarettes are made by all cigarette manufactures said WCCO. They also said that ‚Äúsmoking-related fires are the number one cause of fire deaths across the country.‚Ä?

WCCO put the cigarettes to the test. They said that the normal cigarette took 16 minutes to burn out while the fire-proof one went out in just three minutes.

WCCO said that the cigarettes are wrapped in thicker paper and that it is the thicker points that act like speed bumps and help to extinguish the cigarette.

‚ÄúAnything we can do to reduce fires, especially smoking-related fires, I think is a good idea,‚Ä? Minneapolis Fire Marshall Bryan Tyner said. (WCCO)